Personal Injury Attorneys in Los Angeles

Updated on Friday 30th September 2016

When do you need a personal injury lawyer in LA?

Every citizen may suffer, at a certain time, a physical or an emotional injury by accident or by mistake, and he/she will need a compensation that will cover the damages totally or partially. In order to support your rights and fight for a plentiful reparation, you can contact a local personal injury lawyer who will come to a settlement with the guilty party that will pay a compensation or will go in court and start a litigation if there is no agreement with the other party.

Our personal injury lawyers from Los Angeles offer a wide range of legal services for persons who were victims of different types of accidents or mistakes committed by other natural persons or companies.

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Personal injury attorneys in Los Angeles providing services tailored to your needs

If you were the victim of a car accident, a harassment, medical malpractice etc., all you have to do is to contact our law firm in Los Angeles for a free evaluation of your case and then follow the steps recommended by one of our experienced personal injury attorneys in order to obtain the maximum compensation possible. We treat every client according to his personal needs because every case is unique and it will receive our full attention and expertise.

You don’t have to worry about the legal procedures in certain cases, such as slip and fall accidents, catastrophic injuries or animal bites, because our personal injury attorneys in LA will handle the entire situation, from the first evaluation to the final settlement or litigation. They are experienced in claiming the insurance due for certain types of accidents or professional mistakes, will ask for evidences necessary for settlement or litigation and will present the claim for compensation. Our personal injury attorneys in LA defend also the persons accused of different types of accidents and mistakes in case of a settlement or a litigation.

The most important aspect is that you don’t have to pay a cent before obtaining the final result, our personal injury lawyers in LA will represent you free of charge and they will be paid only if you obtain a compensation. You will pay them a percentage of the total amount of the compensation and this is agreed from the very beginning.

Vehicle, bicycle and pedestrian accidents in LA

If you are the victim of an auto, bicycle or pedestrian accident, that may happen in Los Angeles and in the surrounding area, you may be entitled to a compensation for your sufferings (pain, injury, hospitalization, lost wages, rehab costs, property damage etc.). The compensation may be obtained from the guilty party or from an insurance company that concluded a contract with the guilty person.  

The compensation may be obtained in court or in a settlement and that depends on the guilty party and the way that understands to protect his/her rights.

Wrongful death

Our personal injury attorneys in Los Angeles can help you if one of your family members dies because of the negligence of someone else that is supposed to take care of him/her. Even if a financial compensation won’t replace the missing person, it will cover the medical expenses and other costs related to the funeral and other procedures or ceremonies.

Slip & fall accidents

In case you slip and fall in a store or on other property because of the negligence of the owners, who didn’t repair the floor or the stairs, and you suffer an injury, you are entitled to claim a compensation for your medical expenses and other prejudices you have suffered because of the mistakes of the owners of the property. Our personal injury attorneys in LA will handle all the legal steps until you obtain the compensation.

Defective products


Sometimes it happens to get really hurt by defective products that are sold by different manufacturers that are negligent and don’t verify every single product before releasing it on the market, especially those that may cause severe injuries to consumers. In this case, the manufacturers are liable for the defective products they sell and they have to compensate the clients for the damages they suffered.


Medical malpractice


When you consider that you or one of your family members are the victims of a medical negligence or you have given a wrong diagnose because of a medical fault, you may contact a personal injury attorney in LA. We have a team of lawyers who are familiar with the medical terms and they can understand your problem and help you obtain a right compensation.


Animal bites


After a dog or other animal bites and cause you an injury, you may contact our personal injury attorneys in LA who will handle the legal procedures for obtaining a compensation from the owner of the animal. In California, the owner of a dog is responsible if it attacks and bites people, no matter if the owner was negligent or not. You have to present the medical documents and the medical bills in order to obtain a compensation.


Other personal injury cases in Los Angeles


If you suffered because of other type of personal injury and you need legal advice, contact our lawyers in LA. We handle a wide range of personal injury cases, so we can provide you legal assistance for almost any case related to personal injury.


Area covered by our personal injury attorneys in LA


No matter if you suffered an injury in Los Angeles or in the surrounding area, you may contact our law firm in order to set up an appointment for a free consultation.

We cover a large area around LA, including: Long Beach, Riverside, Palmdale, San Diego etc. In order to find out more details, you may contact our law office via phone or e-mail.

Our motto is: “No fee for no compensation”, so don’t hesitate to call us anytime for a free evaluation of your case.